Heat pump

Get an air source heat pump with HCE

Heat pump

Reduce your carbon footprint with an air source heat pump. We’ve partnered up with an MCS certified installer who’ll fit the best heat pump system for your home.

  • You need to be a homeowner
  • Space for a water tank (for the most carbon-efficient heat pump)
  • Your home needs to have good insulation, such as cavity wall and loft insulation
  • Your home needs to have enough outside space (approx 2m x 1m) and not within 1m of boundary walls

Why choose to get an air source heat pump with HCE?

You can trust us to find you the best heat pump for your home.

MCS installers guaranteed

Our partner CB Heating has over 20 years experience in installing heat pumps. They only work with MCS accredited installers, who’ll help you qualify for government support.

Earn with your friends

Share the love and reduce carbon in the UK. Earn  every time you refer a friend or family member to buy a heat pump.

How to pay for my air source heat pump

With more support through government grants and finance packages, where you can spread the cost of your ashp, now’s a good time to make the change to low carbon heating!

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A complete guide to air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps might be new to you but they’ve been around for a while as the main heating system in other countries as the UK embraced gas. Learn why they’re being touted as the future of low-carbon heating.

Air Source Heat Pump Grants

You’re likely to be eligible for a £7,500 grant from the government.

Greener alternatives to gas boilers

There are other heating options that have advantages over a new gas boiler that can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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